Little Farm Hands Program

How much do goats eat?  Will those chickens lay eggs?  What’s growing in the garden beds?  What is the difference between hay and straw?  If you  enjoy visiting the Alltech Farm Animal Experience and learning about agriculture, The Little Farm Hand Program is for you!

Chicken are through Little Farm Hands Program in the Alltech Farmyard Animal Experience

Would you like to know where we keep our feed and equipment and help feed our chickens and goats?  Our Ag and Education Manager will take you “behind the scenes” and include you in morning animal care.  We will head out to the garden and crop area once the animals have been cared for.  A quick check of the garden beds and crop plots for weeding, watering and monitoring will wrap up our program.

Garden Care with Little Farm Hands Program at the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota

The Little Farm Hands Program will begin on June 3rd and run through August 26th.  It will be offered every Thursday morning from 8:30am – 9:00am.  This program is available to Museum Members only, with one family per session.  Cost of the program is $20 and an adult must accompany children participating in the program. Registration is required and can be completed online here.


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