H2GO Outdoor Water Gallery


Children are fascinated with the physical action of pumping and the gratification of seeing the water flow from the pump as a result their efforts.

Ultimate Water Table

The H2GO Water Gallery invites children to learn about the principles and properties of water by interacting with an Archimedes Screw – a simple machine dating back to ancient Greece.

This exhibit is great for...

sensory play and experimentation with water.

Outdoor Recreation

Participate in nature-based play where children can experience elements from the natural world around them. A large sun shade provides respite for children and caregivers on our hottest summer days.

Water Play

Cool off on a warm day by splashing in the Mankato area's largest water play experience! Children can take turns pumping until water trickles down a pebble-lined channel, where it pools, captures the sparkling sunlight, and brightens the color of pebbles


How can we move water from one place to another? Using scoops, pails, and bamboo pipes, children can engineer the flow to the adjacent rock area, where it provides enough water for dams or potions.