The Lauri Kuch Memorial Stage

A dramatic play area for all ages.


Let the Show Begin!

An enchanted elephant, a rebellious robot, or a kind-hearted kitten: you can be anything you want on the Museum’s stage. Well-loved teacher, Lauri Kuch, touched the hearts of many children over the years before she passed away from breast cancer. The Lauri Kuch Memorial Stage and dramatic play area celebrates Lauri’s love of children, education, and theater.

This exhibit is great for...

nurturing a child’s imagination and sense of adventure.


Performing on stage can play a huge role in helping children develop their creative skills. Choosing a dinosaur tail or a glittery tutu is an act of self-expression that allows children to embrace individuality and develop self-confidence. Caregivers, you may be relegated to the audience as children big and small take center stage on their way to becoming happy, well-rounded individuals through the arts.


After many retakes of peeking out from behind the curtain, twirling, stomping, or adjusting a costume, the plot thickens! Some children love to be center stage, commanding an audience, while others need time to find their voice. Young learners benefit from experiences of making connections between characters and story lines, and expressing emotions in pretend play. Be quick with your clapping and shouts of ‘Encore!’ as the show must go on!


The Museum boasts active collaborations with our community, and the Lauri Kuch Memorial Stage is a great space for these programs. Whether it be the symphony, book mobile, a mad scientist, or an exotic animal performance, its central location, ample area seating, and good sound quality assure all visitors can enjoy the show.