Cecil's Imagineering Loft

Where imagination comes to life.

Cecil's Imagineering STEAM Loft

Experience STEAM in the Loft!

Up in the Mezzanine, Cecil’s Imagineering Loft provides a variety of tools and materials for investigation: it is the gateway into the exciting world of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, just right for children of all ages (and their grown-ups!).

This exhibit is great for...

sparking inspiration. 


In this hands-on studio space, with support from Museum Educators, conditions for self-directed learning lead to in-depth investigations into STEAM. The process of testing, trying, and creating forges a path of life-long learning. An adolescent’s launching of a self-made model rocket, a seven-year-old’s first exposure to 3D printing, or a multi-generational family’s exploration into wind turbine blade design, the loft supports science investigation in unique ways.


Young and old alike are intrinsically motivated to discover what happens when materials are combined in new ways: it’s all about doing cool things with stuff! Art and science blend nicely in project work when children’s ideas get expressed in new forms. Will you design a beaded headband, a rover for traversing a new planet, or use LEDs to make a flashlight for reading under the covers at night? We can’t wait to find out!

Problem Solving

Our friendly, intriguing, and safe work area invites and encourages children to spread out and delve in. In programs designed to challenge critical thiking, through wondering and imagining new possibilities, practicing flexibility and adaptability, achieving mastery and sometimes failure, youth will build skills that support them in becoming inquiring, confident, and successful citizens in our technologically-complex society.

Currently, in Cecil's Imagineering STEAM Loft

Cecil’s Imagineering Loft is now always open during Museum hours, with additional guided programs offered several times per week. Check out our schedule below to plan your visit!