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Experience a Day in the Life of a Farmer!

Southern Minnesota is renowned for its vast fields of corn and soybeans that captivate us from car windows and school buses, now, get ready for an up-close and awe-inspiring encounter with farming like never before. This immersive experience revolves around four key elements: the AGCO – Fendt Tractor, Pigs on Wheels, the Barn, and a Corn Field.

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experiencing modern agriculture practices to foster a love for the region’s agricultural heritage.

Farm Make Believe

The transformed full-size AGCO, Fendt Tractor is perfect for climbing, driving and farm make believe. Visitors can climb into the cab for an immersive experience from three vantage points: front, side, and back. The Corn Field, features lifelike corn plants that are mounted on a sturdy structure, carefully designed for visual and sensory impact. The attention to detail in the field is evident as rigid stalks transition to lifelike corn cobs, leaves, and silks. Visible roots become conversation starters, initiating discussions about water absorption through roots.

Piggy Play

Pigs on Wheels, were crafted with meticulous detail, these curious exhibit elements are sure to delight and ignite imagination.Their Barn features an engaging feeding system that leads children through the feed path, from grain bin to trough, and into their new friends’ bellies. This hands-on experience enhances understanding of the food chain and its significance in the pig’s diet. Guests can experience the joys of pig farming, sorting pigs with boards and moveable gates, caring for the sick, and ensuring food and water.

Working Together

This inviting space allows its visitors to engage in a hands-on, life like agriculture exhibit. Walk a few miles in a farmers shoes as you tend to the corn field then hop in the AGCO Fendt tractor to work the land. The Tot Spot is a great place for the youngest of learners to enjoy with their caregivers while those a little more sure footed move pigs through the pens using sorting boards. Children and caregivers can work together to tend to the pigs, scoot them across the floor to new pen areas and create new friendships!

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