CMSM FAQs & Policies

The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota is intended to be enjoyed by families with young children. Exhibits and programs are planned with consideration for children ages birth to 10 years old. A typical visit is 1-3 hours. Give yourself plenty of time to explore. The following policies and guidelines are enforced to ensure our visitors safely enjoy the Museum and its content.

Q: May I drop off my children at the Museum? 

A: All children must be accompanied by an adult caregiver 16 years old or older. This is for the safety of your child. If a single adult is accompanying a child to the Museum, please do not leave the building for any reason.   

Q: Will there be a space to store items while we play?   

A: Lockers are available to store items you don’t wish to carry. Lockers are free for members, or $1 for non-members. Strollers are welcome in our space and they may be left in the locker/coat storage area while you play.   

Q: May I smoke at the Museum? 

A: The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota is a non-smoking campus. This includes the parking lot and all areas on the Museum property.   

Q: Can we play in the morning and leave for lunch and come back in to play?  

A: Yes, guests may come and go throughout the day without being required to pay admission twice. Just let front desk staff know you plan to return. 

Q: Where may I nurse my child?

A: As an institution that values children and mothers, you are welcome to nurse wherever you feel comfortable. Please inquire at the front desk if you prefer a more private accommodation to use.    

Q: I have a Membership with a different Children’s Museum, can I use that at CMSM?

A: If you have a St. Paul Children’s Museum membership, you get 50% off admission at CMSM ($6 admission rather than $13), and if you have a Passport Membership, you get 50% off admission for up to 6 people at more than 200 participating children’s museum (including CMSM) with the ACM Reciprocal Pass. 

Q: Is there food to purchase at the Museum?

A: Our Mayo Clinic Café has an offering of coffee, juices, water, and small snacks for purchase.

Q: Can I bring coffee or food to the Museum?

A: Coffee and water are allowed, but please make sure beverages are in sealed containers. Feel free to pack a lunch or snack to enjoy onsite so you can stay longer! We do ask that all food be consumed in the Mayo Clinic Café area, either inside or out in our courtyard.

Q: What should we wear to the Museum?

CMSM is an active play environment. There is climbing, outdoor play with the elements, and amazing art materials. The best shoes for our climbing experience are shoes that cannot slip off and have a strap. Dressing for appropriate weather conditions, as we are open outdoors year-round, will allow your family to enjoy all of our environment and exhibits. Dress for active play and enjoy! .

Q: May I bring my dog to the Museum?

Dogs and other pets are not permitted, with the exception of service/support dogs specially trained and identified as such.  

Unaccompanied Adult Policy

The safety of visiting children and their adult caregivers engaging in our environment is a top priority. All children visiting the museum must be accompanied and supervised by a caregiver 16 years old or older at all times. No adult may visit the museum or participate in programs unless accompanied by a child or staff member.   

General Guidance:   

  • Guests are required to comply with the CMSM staff instructions and/or directives with respect to Museum policies. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who will not comply with our policy. 
  • Rough-housing with exhibits and/or disruptive, disrespectful, or abusive behavior is not permitted. 
  • If you see something that concerns you, please alert Museum staff immediately.