Our Staff

At the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota, every one of us is passionate about play.

Our team is committed to driving our mission of igniting the natural curiosity of every child through the power of play in a dynamic, awe-inspiring environment.

Our Front Desk staff welcome visitors with a bright smile as soon as they walk through the door. Museum Educators lead engaging programs and experiences in our exhibit spaces while playworkers are there to make sure children and families get the most out of their time at the Museum. Behind the scenes, we have many happy faces further driving the mission of Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.

We are committed to building a team of people who uphold the highest standards of visitor experience so that every adult, child, and family has the best experience possible. If you share these same values, we’d love to hear from you about joining our team! Explore our current job openings below.

Louise Dickmeyer CEO of the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota

Louise Dickmeyer

Chief Executive Officer

When I was a girl visiting my Grandparents, my Grandma used to let my sister and me put on the old lace petticoats she had in her attic.  We would pretend we were brides or princesses – sometimes adding a lace curtain held on with a headband as a veil.  It was one of my most special play memories from our visits. 

Deb Johnson | Senior Director of Museum Experiences & Environments

Deb Johnson

Vice President of Operations

Playing with LEGO, riding my bike, driving the boat around with my golden retriever, catching frogs and fish, climbing trees and going to swim meets make up my best childhood memories. 

Sue Larsen | Director of Community Impact

Sue Larsen

Director of Community Impact

As a child, I loved to play outside – chasing butterflies, exploring the woods by my house, playing Kick the Can…  

Heather Ungerer | Human Resources Manager

Heather Ungerer

Director of Human Resources

As a child, I liked to spend a lot of time playing outdoors at parks, swimming and reading.

Rochelle Koberoski | Senior Manager of Museum Experiences

Rochelle Koberoski

Ag & Nature Education Manager

I grew up on a farm and loved being outdoors.  You could find me playing in the woods, chasing minnows and crawdads in the creek, jumping around in the hay mow, tunneling into snow banks, and biking or playing softball with the neighborhood kids.

Nick Linell

Nick Linell

Office & Memberships Manager

My best childhood memories are letting my imagination run free through arts, playing with my LEGO figures, and spending quality time with my best friends.

Garron Williams | Facilities Manager

Garron Williams

Facilities Manager

As a child I liked to do home improvement, sledding and play in the pasture by the pond.

Luke Splinter

Luke Splinter

Lead Fabricator

As a child I liked climbing trees, taking everything apart and not getting it back together, and making things from LEGO sets to large wooden catapults.

Karmy Luker | Museum Experience Supervisor

Karmy Luker

Museum Experience Supervisor

I used to do science experiments as a kid. I’d let things get moldy or allow bugs to come all over them. If you’d bring that up with my family now, they’d just cringe! I broke so many things as I tried to figure out how they worked.

Wyatt Miller | Museum Experience Supervisor

Wyatt Miller

Museum Experience Supervisor

The thing I remember most from playing as a kid is always being curious about how and why things worked. That curiosity led to my interest in tinkering, taking small things apart and putting parts together to make something new. It is like a childhood dream come true that I get to work somewhere that not only allows kids to channel that same creative curiosity, but encourages them to do so, it’s fantastic.