Alltech Farm Animal Experience

This outdoor gallery hosts livestock, crops and gardens seasonally.

Alltech Farmyard Animal Experience

Plant. Feed. Grow.

Agriculture is awesome, especially outdoors! Welcome to the Alltech Farm Animal Experience, a seasonal exhibit with a bounty of ways to explore how soil, seed, sun, and water work together to help plants, animals, and people thrive. You’ll be surrounded by planting beds and animal pens full of life!  From veggies and herbs to pigs and chickens, there are no shortage of sights, smells, sounds, and tastes to experience. 

This exhibit is great for...

having a farm experience with all the sights, sounds and smells. 


Clucking and pecking, chickens add an element of liveliness to the farm. Peeking into the chicken house, children might see hens scratching or get an up-close encounter with the support from farm staff. In the pen next door, our weanling pigs eat and rest, then eat some more as they grow all summer.


Rows of corn and soybeans offer a chance to explore these amazing plants up close. Children check to see if the corn or beans are ready for picking, and glimpse the strong roots that keep such plants standing straight. Crops such as wheat, oats, and barley expose visitors to some of the many crops grown in Minnesota.


Dotted throughout the farm, the raised planting beds grow real produce—with a lot of help from children. In spring, children plant vegetables, tend them, and watch them grow. At harvest time, they dig, pluck, and pull peas, carrots, tomatoes, herbs, apples, grapes, and many other healthy and delicious edibles.