Play all Ways

The Comprehensive Campaign for the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota.

The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota was born out of a deep desire by parents and early education experts for children of all abilities to have space to explore, grow, and learn. Since that time, the Museum has been nurtured with love and built with natural materials to reflect what matters to our community. Each year we welcome over 100,000 visitors from nearly every state across the country.


Expand the Gateway to Play free membership program exponentially to increase access, create new enriching experiences for audiences with differing abilities, provide more space for community collaboration, and ad new spaces for older children to play and community members to gather.


Transform the physical footprint from a singular building to a city-clock campus, providing year-round indoor and outdoor programs for children of all ages, making Mankato a one-of-a-kind destination for experiential learning.


Activate new spaces and programs, increase annual support to deepen our margin of excellence, and sustain the power of play with the creation of an endowment.

Naming Opportunities

New & Existing Buildings (to be defined with Lead Donor)
Outdoor Nature Expansion
Outdoor Climber (#15 
Water Play Feature (#17)
Sensory Space (#5)
Nature Based Early Learning Studios
Center for Childhood
Prairie Garden (#13)
Butterfly House & Pollinator Garden (#6)
Amphitheater & Open Lawn (#9)
Loose Parts Play Hub
Solar Sunflower (#7)
Studio Patio (#10)
Bison Sculpture (#12)
Nature Walking Paths (#21 & #22)
Community Meeting Room (multiple)
Outdoor Playscape (multiple)


We are on an incredible journey, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Thank you for considering a commitment to the Play All Ways campaign. We are grateful to our donors for fueling the amazing power of play for families in our region. In recognition of extraordinary investments which transform lives through play, the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota is pleased to offer opportunities to name spaces, endowed funds, and programs. Please contact us for a full list of Naming Opportunities.

For More Information
Louise Dickmeyer, CEO
Direct: 507.344.9104
Mobile: 507.382.7756