Financial Literacy - CLOSED

Building money-smart leaders of tomorrow.


Personal finance for youngsters.

It’s never too early to learn about managing money! Drive up to the teller window in style to cash your check, make a deposit, or ask about a loan. Children roleplay as bankers, cashiers, farmers, and servers as they learn about earning, saving, spending, and charitable giving. This exhibit features a financial institution, complete with a bank tube, teller windows, paychecks, and a point of sale system for ringing up a customer’s order.

This exhibit is great for...

understanding the value that money plays in our everyday lives.

Finance is Fun

What do the words ‘withdraw’ and ‘deposit’ mean, and how much change will I get back when I buy lunch for my grandma? Does a banana cost $1 or $100? How long does it take me to earn $10 on the job? Explore these questions, and more, as you play with price tags, paychecks, menus, and cash registers in this gallery, all in support of the development of money skills. Caregives can expand the children's learning by engaging in conversation as play happens.


“How much caulilowler?,” says a two year old to his nine year old sister at the market checkout. “Get a job!,” barks a bossy bank teller to a child asking for money at the window. Arising from real, everyday-like situations, concepts and terminology get practiced and applied naturally as children make change with the cashier or order from a menu. Robust language learning is evident in all facets of children’s play as they become money savy. Caregivers can take advantage of this and build on their child’s learning at the grocery store, gas station, or coffee shop within the community.


Grab your uniform as you report to work at the job kiosk before taking on the role of cashier, farmer, cook, or server. Learn the value of work as you plant produce, take an order, serve a meal, or process a payment. Does your job require you to have good customer service skills, work outside in all weather, or be able to multi-task? A child’s first introduction to a future career starts here!