Ag on the Move

Seed-to-table fun!

Hands on Fun!

The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota plays a unique and important role in our region by engaging young visitors in agriculture education that is age-appropriate, highly interactive, and stocked full of playful fun! Through dynamic agriculture exhibits and interactive programming, CMSM offers accurate information about where our food comes from, and the people and systems involved on the pathway from “seed to table”.

This exhibit is great for...

planting, harvesting, and sorting to learn where our food comes from!

Hands on Learning

Through agriculture education, children learn about the importance of environmental sustainability and how their actions can affect the world around them. They develop a sense of responsibility and learn to take care of the environment. Agriculture education can expose children and caregivers to a variety of career opportunities in the agriculture industry, from farming to agribusiness and agricultural research.

Seed to Table

Agriculture education helps children to learn about food product process, from planting and harvesting to processing and distribution. This helps them understand the importance of agriculture and the people who work in the industry. Agriculture education can encourage children to make healthier food choices by teaching them about the nutritional benefits of different foods and how to incorporate them into their diets.

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