Virtual Kickoff Concert with Jim Gill

Feb 21 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

A VIRTUAL Sing-along and Play-along with Jim Gill!

Jim Gill’s songs and musical books are favorites of ours here at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota. Jim calls his creations “music play.” They are musical games that inspire children – and the adults that love and care for them – to join in the fun by actively singing, clapping and dancing along! Children need to move and play and Jim Gill’s specialty is to create songs that are an invitation to play.

The Museum decided to invite Jim to share some of his songs in this special LIVE virtual program! The concert will also feature a read-along and sing-along of one of Jim’s musical books, May There Always Be Sunshine.  Jim will share artwork that children from across the country have created based on his book and get everyone excited for our very own “May There Always Be” project……serving everyone in our Southern Minnesota community! This VIRTUAL concert will “kick off” the project……and it will end with a concert by Jim, LIVE and IN PERSON, at the Museum on Saturday, May 20th.

About Jim Gill:

Jim Gill is a musician, an author and, perhaps most importantly, a child development specialist.  His recordings and his picture books with musical themes have received honors and awards from, among other organizations, the American Library Association. Jim completed his graduate studies in child development at the Erikson Institute of Chicago with a special emphasis on the study of play. For this reason, each of Jim’s recordings and books is created as an opportunity for playful interactions between a child and a caring adult.

Anyone who has experienced one of Jim’s concerts knows that rather than performing for children and caregivers…..Jim leads them to sing and play together.