STEAM-Powered Fridays at CMSM

Aug 26 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) programs for all ages are included with admission. All activities will be planned for outside, weather permitting at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.


June 3rd

Levers and Fulcrums – Come and play with a variety of levers! Make a catapult and see how far you can launch objects, compare weights with a scale and even use your own body weight to toss things into the sky!

June 10th


June 17th

Pully’s – we will be exploring how pully’s can be a useful tool.

June 24th

Spectacular Science – We will be making things Pop, Ooze, fizz and bubble. Join us for some hands-on science experiments!

July 1st

Wheels and Rotation: during this steam day we will be exploring how rotation can be used in unexpected ways!

July 8th


July 15th

The Wedge- A wedge can be a powerful tool for holding things in place or cutting things in half! We will be exploring everyday wedge tools with playdough!

July 22nd

Magnets – magnetic science experiments and exploring magnet strengths and benefits as a tool!

July 29th

Rocks and digging – digging down into the earth is often one of the first steps in a construction project. We will inspect the layers of the ground, identify different types of rocks and have some hands-on experiments with density.

August 5th

Inclined Plane – Slides and slopes and waterplay! How can an inclined plane be used as a tool?

August 12th


August 19th

Exploring the Archimedes Screw and More – Asking and answering questions about the Archimedes screw in the back 40 and putting it to work! As well as a tool station where you can try your hand at nuts, bolts, screws and different types of screw drivers

August 26th

Building and Balance – Strengthening our vestibular systems and applying engineering to making a strong structure with Giant Jenga, tall towers and balance beams!