December Baby Play

Dec 19 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Join us on the Infant and Toddler Play Porch!

With a goal to support first-time parents or those who are caring for an infant, the Museum staff – who have a background in and a passion for early childhood development, will offer content specific to our birth to two age range.  Although topics such as sleep, development, feeding and parent-child bonding will be selected and promoted for each session, parent questions will often take center stage and steer the conversation to wherever it is most useful for families.

4th Tuesdays: Mayo Clinic Health Systems Family Medicine and Pediatric providers on site


5th: Discover

12: Lactation and feeding with a special guest from MCHS – Dr Alur, a physician with interest in lactation

19th: Rotation

26th: No Special Programming