Dig it! (Retired)

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CMSM’s largest exhibit ever focusing on construction trades wrapped up it’s yearlong residency in CMSM’s rotating space in March 2023. Keep an eye out for our next exhibit opening, and view all current exhibits here.

Operate a Mini Excavator at Dig It exhibit at the Childrens Museum of Southern Minnesota in Mankato

Children in the Driver's Seat – Literally!

Dig, grapple, move, mix and fly in the Museum’s newest rotating exhibit.

This exhibit is great for...

experiencing real-world connections to the construction trades.

Fly a Drone

As the drone pilot, you lift off from the construction site and hover high overhead. Live video footage helps you survey the land and assess progress on the job site. Will you be observing excavation, heavy machinery operation or blasting today?

Operate a Tower Crane

Perched up high, the crane operator uses joysticks to grab a load down below. The grappling hook is maneuvered to just the right spot to pick up the pipe.

Build a Road

Moving aggregate around the quarry is important work. Sand, rock, and reclaimed asphalt are used to build our roads and communities. Conveyors are operated with the touch of a button as the rock hopper sifts out materials that are just the right size. Children learn about what’s in and under our roads as they place pipes in the right places.

Ready Mix Plant

Join in on the fun and learn about concrete as the batch plant operator. Choose the right materials to make a batch of concrete and give instructions to the concrete truck operators. Test the slump of your concrete to determine if it’s best for curbs and gutters or better for slabs. There is so much to learn about concrete!

Dig with an Excavator

Hop in the driver’s seat and Dig It! Children will dig, scoop and dump pea rock as they operate a real mini excavator. This experience has been tuned and modified for safe operation by all visitors. Don’t forget your hard hat and safety vest!

What is Dig it!?

Dig It! is an exhibit for children to experience real-world connections to the construction trades. In this video, we talk to sponsors of the exhibit and learn about how their contributions helped bring this experience to life.

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Abel’s Electric Motor Shop
Allen Charnstrom
BLK Electric
Carol Burns
D&K Powdercoating
Duct Cleaners’ Supply

Jake Koberoski
Jim Jirak
Joe Koberoski
John Wattleworth
Johnson Outdoors
J.R. Merritt
Kathy Bruss
Knutson Construction

Loren Johns
Mehltretter Custom Carpentry
Northern Metals
Pete Forrey
South Central College Machine Tool Technology:
James Bently, Cody Hackens, Jon Morgan, Justin Rabaey, Andrew Trnka