A Northwoods Winter

Experience the fun of a Northwoods cabin getaway–no winter coat required!

Northwoods Winter Cabin

Hat and mittens optional!

A Northwoods Winter… is our most popular seasonal exhibit, making the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota a perfect destination during the cold months in Minnesota. Catch our daily snowball fight, chop wood, or try mushing on our dog sled. See if the fish are biting on the pretend-ice covered ponds, or relax inside the charming log cabin with a cup of hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows.

This exhibit is great for...

experiencing outdoor recreation without getting snow in your boots

Outdoor Recreation

Straddle the snowmobile or strap on your cross-country skis as you make your way to the log cabin nestled in the woods. Children dress up snow people with buttons, hats, and scarves only to remake them with a carrot nose and sticks for arms. The play extends to the ice fishing hole, where visitors try their luck at catching more than a tangle--that elusive walleye. Wood chopping and dog sledding are fun first-time activities to try.

Snowball Fights

A daily snowball fight facilitated by our staff is a playful way to burn off some energy on a cold winter's day. Soft, pillow-y snowballs, sewn by our in-house sewing volunteers, make this fight the most fun! Will you hide in the snow fort and plan your attack, or stand in the wide-open as a target for even the youngest visitors to hit?

Pretend Play

Venture inside the log cabin where quieter times await. Over the wood stove, make a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon for your guests, or bake gingerbread cookies and roast a marshmallow over the fire. The pace is slower here and invites puzzle play, board games, and reading. Caregivers enjoy a cup of pretend hot cocoa and hot cakes right off the griddle as they relax in front of the cozy fireplace.