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The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota Awe-inspiring $5.5M Economic Impact.


Louise Dickmeyer, CEO


The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota Awe-inspiring $5.5M Economic Impact.

Mankato, MN – The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota (CMSM) announced the findings of a recently completed economic impact report emphasizing its role in strengthening the local and regional economy. Based on its 2022 annual budget of $1.2M the CMSM contributed $5,530,055.82 annually to the local economy. Engaging exhibits, educational programs, and community events that attract over 100,000 visitors per year have collectively positioned the museum as a cornerstone of economic growth in the region. Notably, the report indicates an average visitor spend of $39 per individual residing outside of Blue Earth and Nicollet Counties. This holds particular significance considering the primary audience consists of children, with the average age of child visitor being just 5 years old. Top of Form

The report illuminates the museum’s role in job creation and local support, demonstrating its commitment to being a vital part of the region. By creating employment opportunities and collaborating with local businesses, the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota has become an integral force in the region’s economic ecosystem with job creation of 58.20 additional positions.

“The positive outcomes highlighted in the economic impact report validate the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota’s business impact on both the local and state economy that complements our impact onthe lives of the children and families we serve,” said Louise Dickmeyer, CEO.

The report was conducted by graduate students at Minnesota State University, Mankato with support from University of Minnesota Extension and Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.


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