Ignite Society Member Spotlight

Sandy Parks

“When I was considering joining the Ignite Society, all I had to do was reflect on the absolute joy and pure concentration on the faces of several of my great-grandchildren, moving from activity to activity as three older generations of my family watched them play at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.”

Sandy Parks is a prime example of someone who understands the Museum’s value and demonstrates it through the power of play with four generations of her family. Sandy was first introduced to the Museum as many were at the start – by Jean Peterson, early founder and longtime friend. “My earliest memory of the Museum was in a small, temporary space at Madison East Center. Watching the dream come to life in the current home and experiencing the development of learning areas in the building has been astounding to see.”

Over the years, the Museum has become a second home for her family, where Sandy gathers all four generations every fall. “I often relive those days through pictures of little ones cooking, climbing, planting, building, interacting with animals, wallowing in bins of shelled corn and so many other activities they would embrace.”

Prior to becoming a donor to the Ignite Society, Sandy spent many years as a loyal Grandparent Member. As she thinks ahead to future generations of her family enjoying the Museum, she’s also focused on the Museum’s greater mission. “I hope to see continuing outreach to make the activities accessible and available to all children. The creative staff and volunteers have made the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota an educational and recreational treasure to be cherished. Our region should be very proud of the efforts of so many to make this mission a reality.”

We couldn’t agree more, Sandy. Thank you for your support, and to all who help us IGNITE the natural curiosity of every child!