Ignite Society Member Spotlight

Bob & Jean Preston

Bob and Jean Preston have been members of the Ignite Society for two years now. Their passion and vision for the future are just some of the highlights for them when it comes to being a part of the Ignite Society.

“We felt this was a good way to donate to the Children’s Museum and help with the expansion. We feel that the outdoor expansion will be a great year round experience for kids,” Jean said.

Like many members of the Ignite Society, the Prestons call the Museum a special place.

“We love that it offers many ways for kids to explore their interests as well as develop new interests through hands-on exhibits, activities and play with other kids. The Children’s Museum offers a fun, safe environment for kids to be kids,” Jean added. “My favorite thing is the stage area. I enjoy watching the kids getting dressed up and using their creative sides to put on little skits or sing. Bob’s favorite thing is the kitchen area. Our granddaughters had so much fun taking grandpa’s order, preparing the food and then making sure he paid his bill!”

While the Prestons have shared the love for the Museum through the next generation, they also encourage others to pay it forward for future generations.

“Join (the Ignite Society) to be part of the Children’s Museum, knowing that you will be giving kids even more opportunities to learn, grow, stimulate their imaginations and just be kids.”