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Today, we’ll conduct a STEAM learning experiment in our yard or neighborhood park. You’ll need some string, rope, or yarn, scissors, notebook and pencils, ruler, and magnifying glass. Find an interesting spot in your yard or park to set up your experiment at.

Engineering and Math

Measure out one foot of string (yarn or rope) and cut it with a scissors. Set up your square foot and mark it with small branches. You can also measure the distance of your square foot to a nearby tree or building, or any other item of interest.


Observe everything about your area, such as grass, plants, bugs, soil, moisture, weather, footprints, animal scat or tracks, smells, sounds… Write and/or draw what you find, as you document the date and time, season of the year. Visit another day and record differences or similarities.


Sketch interesting insects or plants that you find, or draw a picture of your square foot as a whole.


If you are able, use a camera and take pictures of what you observe, then use the internet to find out more about an insect you’ve found or the temperature that day.


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