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Plants store food in roots, stems, and leaves. This experiment shows that stored food can be used to start a plant growing again.
You’ll need tops of carrots, radishes, and pineapple, and a baking pan or recycled container with about 1/2″ of water. Place the carrots or radishes in the water. If you’d like, use cotton balls to hold them in place. Watch them as they sprout new leaves.
Remove the top greens of the pineapple, along with a small core of its flesh, then place it in a small container of water so just the bottom is submerged. Check it daily to see if it sends out roots and, when it does, transplant it to a pot and watch it grow. If you keep it as a houseplant, it may bear fruit in 2-3 years!

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Save 2 – 3″ of the bottoms of celery, endive, bok choy, and romaine lettuce, then slightly trim off the bottom core. All of them grow easily and quickly! Fill a cake pan or recycled container with about 1/2″ water and set your vegetable core in. Watch new leaves sprout and harvest them to make a  healthy salad.

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