May 20, 2020

Interesting Times: An Update on the Museum Closure Childrens Museum of Southern Minnesota

Interesting Times: An Update on the Museum Closure

“May you live in interesting times!” keeps coming to mind during this coronavirus pandemic. This certainly is an interesting time for museums and other cultural jewels. To help ensure the safety of staff and its visitors, the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota (CMSM) made a hard—but necessary—decision to temporarily close its doors before the direction came

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Water Play | CMSMatHome
CMSM at Home
Courtney Malone

Water Play | CMSMatHome

  It’s time for Toddler Wednesday with @CMSMatHome!   Today, we’ll play with water. Prepare some bins, large and small, containers, colander, measuring cups, spoons, rocks, and building blocks that can get wet. Fill the large bins with water or sit in the bathtub.   Experiment with a variety of cups, spoons, containers, and the

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