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Build a Board Game | CMSMatHome


Good morning from #CMSMatHome!
We’re sure you’ve played board games, but have you ever made one? Let’s work on that today!
Gather some paper, scissors, cardboard if you’d like, ruler, pencils and markers, dice, and small toys to use as game pieces. We can start out with a simple game, and you can add to it as you go.
Take a larger piece of paper and draw shapes on it that will be the spaces your game pieces will move along. Decide on how many you will have: will you fill your paper, or just use some of it? Where will your starting point be, and where does the path end? Think of your game rules, and consider adding challenge spaces. If you choose to do that, create cards for the challenges, too.
Play your game with family and friends, and don’t forget to show us what you made!

Further Your Learning

  • Make a list of rules that include: how to win, who goes first, how to move, what the challenge places do what the mystery spaces do…
  • Test the game.
  • Change the rules.
  • Talk about predictions as you use dice. Is it easier to roll a number that is greater than 3 or greater than 5? Why?

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