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Let’s see what we can grow from foods we eat at home, such as avocado, grapefruit or lemon, or tomato. Sprouting can take 7 – 14 days.
Cut a grapefruit or lemon in half, then scoop out flesh to eat or use in recipes. Collect seeds, add some potting soil or dirt to the shells, and plant the seeds in it. Add water, set by a sunny window, and make sure to keep checking daily to keep the soil moist. Once you have a nice seedling, transplant it to a larger pot and keep it as a houseplant.
Save a thin slice of tomato with the seeds still in it. Fill a small cup with potting soil or dirt, add the tomato slice, and sprinkle a thin layer of soil over it. Water lightly and set by a sunny window. Check daily and keep the soil moist.
Clean an avocado pit and stick 3 toothpicks in it at equal intervals around the middle. Balance the toothpicks and the seed, pointed end up, on the rim of a drinking glass or recycled container. Fill the container so that the water covers the seed almost up to the toothpicks. Keep the bottom of the seed always in water and watch for it to sprout. Transplant your well-sprouted pit to a pot and watch it grow.

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