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We’ll work on a toad abode today. You’ll need a small clay pot (8 – 10″) or a similar container some paint and paintbrushes, and clear polyurethane sealant spray.
Clean and dry your pot, paint some designs inside and outside of it, and let it dry. Have an adult spray the sealant on the pot and let it dry overnight. Dig a small depression in the soil in a shady spot in or near your garden, and lay the pot on its side. Fill in the area around it so that it doesn’t roll around.
Watch for toads to come and visit!

Further Your Learning

  • Are frogs and toads amphibians or reptiles?
  • Frogs and toads breathe and absorb water through their skin. How does this association with water indicate a healthy environment?
  • Why might toads or frogs not visit your garden, even if it’s shady and damp?
In 1995, students from Minnesota New Country School in Le Sueur found large numbers of deformed frogs in a restored wetland near the Minnesota River. By the end of 1996, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency had received numerous reports of deformed frogs from around the state. Find a pond to research on your own or find stories and reports about this particular frog story, like this one.

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