CMSM Needs You Now More than Ever


These are hard times. Yet, life’s hardest moments seem to be what draw us closer to the people we love. We have missed you greatly during this global pandemic. The Museum thrives on being a community space, but our community’s wellbeing depends on our doors being closed, with our galleries empty and our ears missing the voices of happy families. This has been a painful, but necessary sacrifice to make.

Although the Museum is currently closed, we have been working hard to provide families with daily ideas for hands-on play and exploration through our new series, #CMSMatHome. We want everyone to keep alive the power and spirit of play, so that we can be back and better than ever when those safer times come.

The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota was built with your support–the support of our community–and only your support can sustain it through this hardship. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we need your help now more than ever. If you are able, on this #GivingTuesdayNow, please consider supporting the Museum by making a gift, becoming a Museum member, renewing your membership, or giving the gift of play to your family and friends.

We at the Museum are with you, and we hope that, with your support, you’ll be with us again soon. Thank you!

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