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Are you familiar with Pointillism? George Seurat and Paul Signac developed this technique in the late 1800s. Let’s try to paint with colorful dots to see if we can make patterns in today’s edition of #CMSMatHome!

Gather some markers or paint, pencil, and paper. Lightly outline a simple shape or anything else you’d like to create, then use the point of your marker to make small dots or circles. You may use watercolors, tempera paint, or crayons as well. Make some dots closer together and some further apart. Do dots that are closer together make darker areas on your paper?

Further Your Learning

  • Experiment with mixing two primary colors: make dots in one color first, then add dots of a second color to fill in the white spaces. How did this work?
  • Design an entire scene and fill it in using dots.
  • Use different utensils to make your dots: pencil erasers, cotton swabs, game pieces.

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