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Create a quiet, comfortable space to read or relax with #CMSMatHome: let’s build a fort together!

Gather blankets or sheets, couch cushions or pillows, chairs, cardboard boxes. Throw a blanket or sheet over the chairs, and pad the floor with cushions on pillows, then snuggle in.

Do you have a large cardboard appliance box? Have an adult help you cut out windows or a door. Decorate it with markers or construction paper, then add a blanket or some pillows inside.

Additional Ideas:

  • Build a small fort for your cat!
  • Build a fort outdoors using large sticks, fallen branches, grasses, and leaves.
  • Build a frame for your fort out of branches and cover it with a blanket or sheet.
  • Use a fallen tree or log as the base for a fort – add broken fallen branches and other natural materials to form your fort.

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