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City Planning | CMSM at Home activity Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota

Can you build a city? How do you do it?

  • Find floor or table space.
  • Gather materials: cardboard, paper, tape, scissors, markers, pencils, building blocks…
  • Plan. Think about the city you wish to build. How big is it? What does it need? Who lives there? How do they get places?
  • Build. Construct your buildings, roads, and parks.

Don’t forget to give your city a name!

Further Your Learning

Ask about building materials. Will you use found materials, or blocks? Can you use both?

Research maps. Look up towns and cities. Talk about them as you look at the layout, roads, space, terrain. What is different? What is the same?

Homes might be easy. Hospitals and schools, too. What else does a city need? Where does it get its energy? What about water and food? Why are these things important?

Ask questions about the newly-created city. Where is it? If it’s in the sky, or on the water, ask the children simple questions (“How do I get to work?) which will encourage their creative experimentation.

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