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CMSM at Home Activity: Balance

Today, we balance!

Collect items around the house, or in your yard. You’ll need a stick, ruler, pencil, or something similar. Pennies, dimes, buttons, small rocks, or pebbles may work. If you’d like, record your observations by drawing or writing.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Engage your fine motor skills by balancing objects on top of other objects.
  • Predict what items will be easier to balance.
  • Compare items by balancing them on a ruler.

Attempt to balance one of your items on the back of your hand. What do you think will be the easiest to balance? How much do you think you can move while keeping the item in place?

Attempt to balance the ruler, pencil, or a stick on your finger. Can you add any pennies or buttons to the ruler? How do you think you need to move the ruler to keep it balanced?

Attempt to balance two or more rocks on top of one another. What rocks will be the easiest to balance? How do you think the weight of the rock impacts its balance?

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