Who’s in the Alltech Farm?

Harvest Fest Animal Visits:

October 5 – 6: Nigerian Dwarf goats from the Koberoski Farm

October 10: Mary Maya V, an Arabian horse, and her owner Susan Ward. They will visit at 3 pm.

October 12: Dairy calves from the Annexstad Farm

October 17 – 20: LaMancha goats from the Severns Farm

Museum Chickens

The chickens in the Farmyard hatched in the incubator at the Museum the first week in May. These chickens will be raised as egg-layers and the hens will start laying eggs this fall. Breeds that we have in the coop are: Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds, White Chochin, and a Blue Andalusian.

Thank you to Compeer for a grant that allowed us to build the chicken coop and update the pen for this exhibit, and to Alltech for providing feed for the chickens.