Guided Programs for Group Visits

Guided Programs for Group Visits

Groups may choose to include a guided program as part of a visit, for visits scheduled October through August. Guided program sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length and are facilitated by Museum Educators for groups of up to 25 children at a time. A program session may be repeated if the group size is larger than 25 students. A maximum of 3 sessions are allowed per visit.

S.T.E.A.M. Powered Guided Program Themes

Digging into Soil and Compost – What compost is made of, and who lives in compost and soil, and how they are part of the growing process/cycle.

Seed Stories – Exploring where seeds come from and what they become through stories, games, and experiments (could include pollinators).

Simple Machines at Work: Conveyor Belts and Cranes – Where and how do we use cranes and conveyor belts to do work? Which simple machines do they include? Can we build our own versions of cranes and conveyor belts to move heavy LEGO bricks?

Seeing Differently with Robots – How do we see? How do robots “see?” What can they do that can help us see more, or experience our world differently?


For Mankato Area Public Schools 3rd Grade Classes: Imagineering Challenge – Engineering with Energy

For Mankato Area Public Schools 2nd Grade Classes: Matter and Motion in the Coughlan Quarry


Please direct any questions about guided programs via email.

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