Automation Station

Automation Station is an interactive exhibit that explores the world of automation, robotics, and assembly from the perspective of a manufacturing environment. Children can assume the role of design engineer, maintenance technician, or production worker by gearing up with safety equipment and getting to work, then pour molten metal, hoist scrap metal, or assemble a circuit board to get hands-on experience in a simulated manufacturing environment.

Exhibit components include Pick-and-Place, Assemble It!, Pneumatics Ball Blaster, Mech-a-Sketch, 6-axis Robot, 10-foot Hoist and Crane, Air in Action, and Jr. Strength Tester. The exhibit will be available through August 2018.

Automation Station was developed in partnership with the South Central College Mechatronics Program, and sponsored by Dotson Iron Castings, EI Microcircuits, Jones Metal, and Big Ideas, Inc.

Automation Station has made its home in the Museum’s temporary exhibit space and be available through August 2018. To read more about Mni Wiconi, the future water play exhibit, follow this link.